About Keiko Midwifery

We opened on April 14,2023. 桜 桜

Keiko Midwifery House is located in Ochiai Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.

We offer sessions by appointment and house calls.

We offer the following care services: breastcare, breastfeeding, baby’s weight check, seitai massage care for during or after pregnancy.

Breastcare,Breastfeeding and Baby’s weight check

Fee for first session 70 minutes ¥5.500
Fee for further sessions 60 minutes ¥5.000

Seitai massage care for during and after pregnancy

Fee for first session 60 minutes ¥5.500
Fee for further sessions 40 minutes ¥5.000

Please contact us by LINE, phone, or email for more details about our care and services.

Midwife Keiko