About Keiko Midwifery

We opened on April 14,2023.  

Keiko Midwifery House is located in Ochiai Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.

We offer sessions by appointment and house calls.

We offer the following care services: breastcare, breastfeeding, baby’s weight check, seitai massage care for during or after pregnancy.

Breastcare,Breastfeeding and Baby’s weight check

Fee for first session 70 minutes ¥5.500
Fee for further sessions 60 minutes ¥5.000

Seitai massage care for during and after pregnancy

Fee for first session 60 minutes ¥5.500
Fee for further sessions 40 minutes ¥5.000

Please contact us by LINE, phone, or email for more details about our care and services.

Midwife Keiko